Maria Hammarén

Maria Hammarén

Researcher, Docent
Telephone: +46 8 790 67 02
Visiting address:  Lindstedtsvägen 30  Room: 366 

Key areas/Research interest

Despite the rhetoric about knowledge society and learning organisations there has been little discussion of what is meant by knowledge. Research in the field of skill and technology explores professional skills – a subclass of experience based practical knowledge. This foundational knowledge is acquired over time, in language involved actions, and has a broad range of modes of articulation, of which some are resistant to plain speech. From this standpoint her research addresses questions about different aspects of human knowledge, how these aspects are formed and adequately articulated – thus influencing our understanding of knowledge as our grip on reality, rather than knowledge about reality.


Under Maria Hammaréns supervision six doctoral theses have been submitted and over the last decade more than twenty submitted theses have explored this field of research. At present she supervises nine doctoral students, all with profound experience from working life. Together they represent different sectors of Swedish industry and administration: technical consultancy, nuclear operation, education and entrepreneurship, all concerned with issues connected to the ability to perform qualitative actions in professional workplaces.