Tomas Sörensson

Associate professor
Telephone: +46 8 790 87 39
Visiting address: Lindstedsvägen 30  Room: 350

Key areas/Research interest

  • Star Analysts and their recommendations
  • Stock Options and Corporate Valuation
  • The Equity Risk Premium
  • Strategies for Saving
  • Performance Persistence of Star Sell-Side Analysts
  • The Risk Premium on the Swedish Stock Market
  • Tests of strategies for saving in the Swedish Premium Pension System

Selected publications

  • Choice of Model in Convertible Valuation - A Case Study (1991), OMEGA Int. J. of Mgmt Sci. Vol. 19 (4) pp. 185-195, (written with Peter Jennergren).  
  • Two Methods for Valuing Convertible Bonds - A Comparison (1993) Scandinavian Journal of Management, vol. 9, Suppl., pp. S129-S139.
  • Swedish Convertible Bonds and their Valuation (1993), Dissertation, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm
  • Do Stars Shine? Comparing the Performance Persistence of Star Sell-Side Analysts Listed by Institutional Investor, the Wall Street Journal, and StarMine Forthcoming in Journal of Financial Services Research.


  • Case Method and Self-leadership (ME2079)
  • Finance, Corporate Valuation (ME2090)
  • Behavioral Finance (ME2091)
  • Advanced Studies in Industrial Economics and Management (ME2312) Track - Advanced Finance
  • Financial Mathematics, Business and Management (ME2313)
  • M.Sc. Theses, Corporate Finance, (ME200X)