Åsa Johansson Palmkvist

Doctoral Student
Telephone: +46 8 790 67 94
E-mail:   asa.johansson@indek.kth.se   
Visiting address: Lindstedtsvägen 30  Room: 319 

Key areas/Research interest

In my thesis, I study gendering processes within technology. In the West, technology is co-created by norms associated with certain kinds of masculinity. As gender and technology are constantly (re)produced in social processes there are however opportunities to accomplish creative changes. With empirical departure in an information and communication technology (ICT) context, this project studies gendered understandings and practices within and concerning the programming profession. The project aims at increasing the knowledge about the continuously ongoing gendering processes within the technological fields. Ultimately the ambition is to access some of the possibilities of change that these processes admit.


  • ME1037 Genus och jämställdhet i arbetslivet i teknikyrken