European Doctorate in Industrial Management, EDIM

OBS!! Admission to EDIM has ceased as the program was time-limited

Mission and Profile

The European Doctorate in Industrial Management (EDIM) is a four-year state-of-the-art doctoral research programme for doctoral training addressing managerial issues of significance for the future competitiveness and sustainability of the industrial companies of Europe. The mission of the programme is to generate cutting-edge knowledge at the intersection of engineering and management.

Our ambition is to produce doctors with a new European profile reflecting a wide scientific and international breadth in engineering and management. EDIM candidates will conduct research directed at close cooperation with European industry as a means to foster deep insight into managerial challenges of globalization and a profound intercultural awareness. EDIM graduates will be able to address challenging managerial issues of globalization in industrial endeavours as they arise in, for example, operations, research and development, industrial marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

EDMI’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it acknowledges the importance of integrating a management perspective with deep technical knowledge. The programme is multi-disciplinary and empirically driven to allow the candidate to gain a clearer understanding of the patterns and conditions for industrial endeavours in today’s international environment.


EDIM has an international group of PhD candidates working simultaneously with a coordinated set of research issues at the three partner universities. A common EDIM curriculum, joint supervision, quarterly EDIM workshops, planned candidate mobility, a double doctoral degree, an international advisory board, and a joint scientific committee from the partners holds the programme together.

The programme admits nine candidates annually, who are equally distributed among the three partners. Each candidate is based primarily at one ‘home’ university, but works at least 12 months of the programme at a ‘host’ university. In addition, extensive time is spent on empirical fieldwork.


EDIM admits only candidates with a MSc in engineering.


The EDIM candidates will graduate with a double doctoral degree. Consequently, each candidate will be enrolled at two of the partner universities (‘home’ and ‘host’) and will have to fulfil all the requirements and meet the quality standards of both universities.

Programme Consortium

EDIM is run by a consortium consisting of the industrial management departments of the most prominent and well-respected engineering universities in Sweden, Italy, and Spain:

  • Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Universidad Polytechica de Madrid, UPM, Madrid, Spain
  • Politecnico de Milano, POLIMI, Milan, Italy.

In addition there are three associate partners, representing Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETHZ, Switzerland
  • Universidade de Sao Paolo, USP, Brazil
  • Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, RMUTT, Thailand

EDIM is endorsed by several companies and associations, including Top Industrial Managers for Europe (T.I.M.E. Association); The Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA); and the Italian Association of Engineering and Contracting Organizations (ANIMP).

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