PhD Program Seminars

Each doctoral student is required to present his/her research for the department at least three times during his/her PhD training. These occasions are organized as three programme seminars where all faculty and PhD students are invited to participate.

  1. Thesis Proposal Seminar—after about 1 (25%) year of studies.
  2. Midterm/Licentiate Seminar—about halfway (50%) of studies
  3. Final Seminar—as judged 6-12 months (90%) left to defense.

At the seminar, the PhD student’s manuscript is reviewed and discussed by an expert (discussant) in the field, a person not directly involved in the PhD student’s research and training. The chairperson of the seminar is selected from the programme faculty (not the PhD student’s supervisor or assistant supervisor).

The manuscript shall be available to all invited no later than one week before the seminar.

Thesis Proposal Seminar

After approximately one year of studies, the PhD student presents his/her ideas for a thesis at a thesis proposal seminar that aims to support and guide the student in his/her future research. The focus of the seminar is typically on research purpose, research questions, possible theoretical foundations, research design, and plans for future research activities.

The discussant is normally a senior academic with a PhD degree, often recruited from another division of the department.

Midterm Seminar

At approximately halfway into the doctoral training, the PhD student presents his/her research at the Midterm Seminar. The aim is to review and broaden the perspectives of the student´s progress and provide constructive feedback for the next steps of the research.

The discussant is normally a senior academic with the capacity of Professor or Associate Professor (docent). The discussant is usually recruited externally from outside the department.

Final Seminar

Prior to the completion of the dissertation—when the supervisor assesses that there are 6–12 months of work left—the PhD student presents his/her manuscript at a Final Seminar that aims to ensure that the final dissertation is of high scientific quality.

The final seminar reviews what is considered the penultimate version of the dissertation manuscript, which means that all parts of the thesis exist (although they are not fully processed).

The discussant is normally an external senior academic with the capacity of Professor or Associate Professor (docent).

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