The Department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK) is responsible for most economics, management and organization courses at KTH . The department’s profile is based on the firm conviction that modern society need people that are highly educated, with expert knowledge that includes a combination of advanced technical expertise and a good knowledge in economics, leadership and management.

INDEK’s principal role is therefore considered to be to provide KTH undergraduate students with the knowledge and skills required to prepare them, as engineers, to undertake management tasks in industry, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world.

This mix of economics, management and social-science knowledge, with an emphasis on the finances of technology-focused companies, is best summarised by the term Industrial Management.

One particularly important issue related to the teaching of Industrial Management is its practical relevance; in other words, its connection with typical economic and management problems faced in different industrial sectors, to which various technical specialisations are linked.

At the same time, INDEK aims to ensure that all of its teaching is based on solid, modern scientific principles.

The department therefore invests heavily in developing its post-graduate education and research. External funding for this part of the organisation has grown substantially in recent years.

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Last changed: Jun 30, 2017