Integrated Product Development

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Welcome to the department of Integrated Product Development

Integrated Product Development, IPD - research on efficiency and innovation in PD

This research area covers organizational and technical processes for the efficient and effective development of innovative technology oriented products, services and systems. IPD includes technology, tools, procedures and work-organisation for increased efficiency and learning in the industrial product development processes. The research of the division is focused on key factors for competitive and innovative processes in industry, in terms of utilisation of tools and procedures, organizational co-operation and parallel processes as well as interdisciplinary team work.

The work is performed in close cooperation with industrial companies, such as manufacturing, medtech, automotive companies dealing with knowledge intensive solutions. The research has a mixed method approach, qualitative and quantitative empirical studies and action research for implementing change. The work of change in industrial organizations is especially focused, the early phases of product development as well as support of learning in the organization are of particular interest.

A long term goal of the research is to develop knowledge and processes to increase innovation capability in organizations. Key research areas are decision making in the product development processes, user oriented product innovation, integrated product and service development, innovation in small companies, product portfolio management, information management, assessment of innovation capability. In 2007 a new chair in Product Innovation Engineering was appointed, financed by an industrial donation.

The education in IPD is based on theory and experiential learning in practical product development projects in co-operation with industry. The holistic approach includes integration of environmental aspects in product development processes. Also in the education the division co-operates closely with several industrial companies and researchers with behavioral science competence.

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