Mechatronics offers new possibilities and freedom in design of flexible, innovative, intelligent and user friendly products, machines and systems. Important application areas are vehicles, medical equipment, automation systems and consumer products. The Mechatronics Lab includes two professorial chairs, one in mechatronics and one in embedded control systems.

Research in Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems

Research in mechatronics and embedded control systems are focused on the development of methods and tools for model-based design, development of advanced mechatronics systems, architecture design and safety.

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We offer a number of courses in mechatronics, embedded and applied control, and electrical engineering. Engineering of mechatronic systems is often characterized by large projects, many involved disciplines, extensive teamwork and hence requires qualified project management. For realistic training, many of our courses are therefore project oriented and problem based. A master-level specialization in mechatronics is offered for the programs in Mechanical Engineering, Vehicle technology and Design and product realization.




Martin Edin Grimheden


Martin Törngren (Embedded Control Systems)

Jan Wikander (Mechatronics)

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