ICES – Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems

ICES is established as a KTH competence centre, an organizational form used for establishing multidisciplinary cooperation across KTH schools and with industry. ICES includes research, education, networking and innovation related activities.

Embedded systems are of paramount importance for future product development and for improving existing products. From the initial discussions in 2006 to its launch in 2008, ICES set out to counter the fragmented research and education situation at KTH.

The initiative comprises a broad spectrum of KTH research groups from mainly two schools (ITM and EES) and companies from several industrial domains (including, for example, automotive, communications, automation, tools/component industries, medtech etc).

Through synergy within KTH and in close cooperation with industrial partners, ICES strives to achieve excellence in research, education and industrial innovation related to embedded systems. The technical emphasis is on embedded systems engineering with an overall focus on hardware and software architecture, autonomous systems, human-machine interaction and methodology.

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