ISPIM Innovation Conference

Join Europe's Premier Innovation Conference! ISPIM (the International Society for Professional Innovation Management) invites researchers, managers, executives and consultants, with a passion for innovation management, to the XXIX ISPIM Innovation Conference in Stockholm to:

Engage > Share innovation insights with fellow professionals
Explore > Find out about the local innovation scene & their hot topics
Belong > Become part of a global innovation management community
Enjoy > Experience well-orchestrated social events in inspiring, fun venues

Time: Sö 2018-06-17 – On 2018-06-20
Place: Clarion Hotel Stockholm


A Car-free Future?

Is life without a car possible? What would it be like? What could we as a society earn by reducing the number of cars? We made a test in real life to see how it works!

Teo Enlund, Associate Professor