KTH is a member of the Nordic University (H)ub on (I)ndustrial (IoT) (HI2OT) – (http://www.nordic-iot.org/). HI2OT is an academic network that focuses on Industrial IoT, a Nordic area of growth and a key technology enabler in solutions to several societal challenges. IIoT will only become a reality through the convergence of Operational (a term often used for embedded systems by IT-people!) and Information Technologies (OT & IT), which are currently separated. This will require multidisciplinary large-scale research effort. Hence, HI2OT brings together the strongest Nordic research groups in IIoT (8 groups at 5 universities) to form a long-term partnership for expanding IIoT cooperation in the Nordic region. The network is coordinated by DTU.

At KTH, HI2OT is organizationally anchored with the division of Mechatronics at the ITM school, involves several research groups in the thematic area of IIOT, and is closely associated with the ICES competence network (www.ices.kth.se) and the KTH

Innovation hub on industrial digitalization (https://www.kth.se/itm/inst/mmk/forskning/mekatronik-och-inbyggda-styrsystem/the-iiot-hub/).

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Last changed: May 11, 2020