Welcome to the KTH Innovation Hub on Industrial Digitalization. We are hosted by the Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems Division at KTH and we are also closely associated with the ICES center at KTH. The Stockholm based Innovation Hub is aiming to become an active core of the Sweden innovation ecosystem related to CPS and IIoT. We are located in the intersection between industry, academic research and education, as well as a multitude of innovation actors. As part of KTH we also have a large international network to leverage.

Our role is to;

(1) Connect stakeholders and stimulate networking within the CPS innovation eco-system including between SME’s, Large corporations, Innovation supporting agencies, Funding bodies, CPS networks, as well as CPS experts and related students in academia and at research institutes,

(2) Provide access to competence and resources in both CPS technology and business in terms of CPS experts, related KTH centers and labs (research and infrastructure), and innovation agencies. This includes providing updated insights on research developments and trends,

(3) Provide access to capital through connections to various funding opportunities from funding agencies, venture cap and other organizations, including innovation hub support of experiments and pilots (innovation experiments)

(4) Provide and stimulate development of continued education

These roles complement those of other actors in the innovation ecosystem, in particular by being anchored at a Technical university. The roles further strive to establish collaboration with existing actors. The corresponding activities address some of the key identified barriers to innovation in Sweden.

For questions about the innovation hub please contact: Tobias Vahlne , Martin Törngren  or Johanna Olsson .