Prototype Center

Need a prototype? At KTH Prototype Center we can make it happen. With our machine park and one of the world’s largest aggregation of scholars, PhDs, professors and students we have the competence and ability to prototype your product.

KTH Prototype Center is the best and easiest way to test out your idea. Our goal is to make the jump from idea to realized prototype as short as possible and to help businesses get going quickly. Customers range from small student driven start-ups to large multinational corporations.

Our machine park contains advanced CNC machining tools such as to 3D-printers, laser cutter, water cutters and mills. In addition to this we have a very well equiped traditional workshop for metal and wood working. Equipment for producing circuit boards and other electronics is also available. We also provide help in creating CAD-drawings, electronics design, simulations, mechanical design and product development of your product.

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Head of KTH Prototype Center