Organisation and contacts

The Department of Machine Design consists of four units engaged in teaching and research. There are also four competence centres linked to the department. The department is engaged in four educational programs leading to Master of Science degree and offer two master´s programs with five different educational tracks.

Leadership of department »

Unit of Internal Combustion Engines

Head of unit, Professor Internal Combustion Engines

Unit of Integrated Product Development

Head of unit
Professor Integrated Product Development
Professor Integrated Product Development
Professor Product Innovation Management

Professor Product and Service Design

Unit of Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems

Head of unit
Professor Mechatronics
Professor Embedded Control Systems

Unit of Systems and Component Design

Head of unit, Professor Machine Elements
Professor Machine Design
Professor Tribology

Competence Centres Managers

Manager CCGEx
Manager ICES
Manager ITRL
Manager Prototype Center

Directors of study

Director of Studies

Director of Third Cycle Education

Engineering Design (Master´s programme)
Integrated Product Design (Master´s programme)

Master of Science in Engineering programmes

Mechanical Engineering
Design and Product Realisation

Industrial Engineering and Management

Vehicle Engineering

Engineering Design master´s programme

Internal Combustion Engines track
Machine Design track
Mechatronics track

Integrated Product Design master´s programme

Industrial Design Engineering track

Innovation Management and Product Development track