Sofia Ritzén

Sofia Ritzén

Head of Department/ Professor Integrated Product Development

Telephone: 08-790 91 82
Visiting address: Brinellvägen 83


My early research on the integration of environmental aspects into product development lead me into issues on change and on how to create organizational learning. This is a red thread through my research. Currently a particular focus is on how to design and use measurement systems to develop the innovation capability in an organization. Another focus is on management of early phases in product development and innovation, where decision making is of particular interest.

Research projects

Decision Making in Early Product Development
Barriers and enablers in Fuzzy Front End Innovation
Innovation Measurement


  •     Integrated Product Development
  •     Engineering Research Methodologies
  •     Master theses

My major teaching is within the area of Integrated Product Development. I have been deeply involved in developing new courses for the program "Design and Product Realization". Changes in education has mainly concerned including more of synthesis tasks for student, addressing the importance of an holistic view in product development (focus on product and process), student centered and problem based teaching methods aiming for a deep learning and a reflective attitude towards product development.

Curriculum Vitae

1993 M Sc in Material Technology at KTH
2000 Ph D in Machine Design at KTH
2002 Assigned assistant professor in Integrated Product Development at KTH
2005 Assigned Associated professor in Integrated Product Development at KTH
2007 Director of Product Innovation Engineering program


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Some selected publications

Publications in refereed international journals:

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Refereed conference papers:

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Books and book chapters

Norell, M., Ritzén, S., Adamsson, N., Kaulio, M., Sundström, P. and Uppvall, L., (2005) ”Interne und externe Kooperation in der Produktentwicklung – Praxiserfahrungen”, Eds. Schäppi, B., Andreasen, M.m., Kirchgeorg, M. and Radermacher, F-J. Handbuch Produktentwicklung, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munchen Wien.

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Other publications:

Eneström, P. & Ritzén, S. (2000) Arbetssätt och miljöhänsyn i produktutveckling - en intervjustudie i små och medelstora företag. TRITA-MMK 2000:20. Institutionen för Maskinkonstruktion, KTH, Stockholm.

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