Jonas Westman

Jonas Westman

Phd Student

Besöksadress: Brinellvägen 85

Jonas Westman took his Master of Science in Engineering Physics at Uppsala University in 2011 with control theory as an area of specialization. After working as a functional architect at Scania, designing a control system for full speed range adaptive cruise control of heavy trucks, he started his PhD studies at the mechatronics department at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, in 2012. Working in close collaboration with Scania, the aim of his research is to solve current industrial problems associated with requirements engineering and architectural modelling, with an additional focus on achieving functional safety. He has published papers in well-established international conferences such as SAFECOMP and MODELS.


ESPRESSO (2011 - ) A collaboration between Scania and KTH with the overall objective to develop and adapt model-based techniques that improve the quality and reduce the cost for development of embedded systems in trucks, and especially safety critical systems.


"Specifying Safety-Critical Heterogeneous Systems Using Contracts Theory" (2016)


"CPS Specifier - A Specification Tool for Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, To be presented in Sixth Workshop on Design, Modeling and Evaluation of Cyber Physical Systems (CyPhy'16), Pittsburgh, USA (2016)

  • Journal Version Submitted

"Formal Architecture Modeling of Sequential C-Programs", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, FACS - 12th International Conference on Formal Aspects of Component Software, Rio De Janeiro (2015)

"Contracts for Structuring and Specifying Requirements on Cyber-Physical Systems", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, Book chapter in Cyber-Physical Systems: From Theory to Practice, CRC Press, 2015

"Failure Propagation Modeling based on Contracts Theory", Mattias Nyberg and Jonas WestmanEDCC - 11th European Dependable Computing Conference, France (2015)

"Extending Contract Theory with Safety Integrity Levels", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, HASE - 16th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, Daytona Beach (2015)

"Environment-Centric Contracts for Design of Cyber-Physical Systems", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, MODELS - ACM/IEEE 17th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, Valencia (2014)

"Experience on applying software architecture recovery to automotive embedded systems", Xinhai Zhang, Magnus Persson, Mattias Nyberg, Bahrooz Mokhtari, Anton Einarson, Hans Linder, Jonas Westman, DeJiu Chen, and Martin Törngren, CSMR-WCRE  - IEEE Conference on Software Maintenance,  Reengineering and Reverse Engineering (2014)

"A characterization of integrated multi-view modeling in the context of embedded and cyber-physical systems", Magnus Persson, Martin Törngren,  Ahsan Qamar, Jonas Westman, Matthias Biehl, Stavros Tripakis, Hans Vangheluwe, and Joachim Denil, EMSOFT - International Conference on Embedded Software (2013)

"Structuring Safety Requirements Using Contract theory",  Jonas Westman, Mattias Nyberg, and Martin Törngren, SAFECOMP - 32nd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security , France (2013)

"A Reference Example on the Specification of Safety Requirements using ISO 26262", Jonas Westman and Mattias Nyberg, SAFECOMP 2013 - Workshop DECS (ERCIM/EWICS Workshop on Dependable Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems) of the 32nd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security, France (2013)

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