Mahmood R. Khabbazi


Phone: +46 8 790 78 88
Visiting address: Brinellvägen 83


KTH - Diva



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Research Inetrests

My research intrest is in Digitalization by doing system analysis and design for mostly the industrial applications - modeling upto prototyping. To name some of the related application and methodolgy keywords, MIS, SCM, ERP, IoT, DFA&DFM, PLM, and PIM, BPM, and DataModeling.

Current Research 

XPRES - (Sweden) establishing an internationally competitive platform for production research to meet future challenges of world leading Swedish industry. By complementing each other’s scientific competences and roles, this unique research and education consortium covers the fields of production processes, production systems and digital engineering. The industrial partners represent world leading Swedish manufacturing industries including heavy vehicle, machine, component manufacturing and aircraft.

openMOS- (EU) Open Dynamic Manufacturing Operation System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components

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LISA2 - (Sweden) Line Information System Architecture – A smart, flexible and scalable event-driven architecture able to implement collection and fusion of data from different automatic production sources with a granularity level that stretch down to the single sensor. 

Past Research

  • Product and Production system integration
    • Developing structured machine-interpretable model-based engineering and prototyping for autonomous handling of data transaction among the product (features) and advanced production/assembly system.
  • Business Process and Data Modeling Framework in production e-logistics PhD Thesis
  • The Development and Implementation of Global Information System for Malaysian SMEs -GISSME
  • Fuzzy numerical Schemes for Ordinary differential equations
  • Development of Traceability Model for Non-expensive High Volume Items MS.c Thesis
  • Computer Assisted Three Dimensional (3D) Implant For Pre-Operative Planning in Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Fast Algorithm for Various Over relaxation Schemes for Boundary Value Problems
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