Martin Törngren

Cyber-Physical Systems, Embedded control systems, Model-Based Engineering, Architecture design, Tool integration, and Safety

Martin Törngren


Phone: +46 8 790 63 07
Visiting address: Brinellvägen 83

Embedded Control Systems research group


My research interests are in the areas of Mechatronics, Embedded and Cyber-physical systems, and in particular with
- Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and systems engineering,
- Design methodology,
- Model based engineering, and model and tool interoperability,
- Architectures for embedded and cyber-physical systems,
- Distributed control systems, codesign of control and embedded computer systems,
- System and functional safety, and trade-offs with other system properties,
- Autonomous machines and trustworthy AI,
- Innovation eco-systems,
- Life-long learning and education in CPS.

If you are interested in these topics, then also see check the Blogs, including my blog on CPS, and other material here.
Further - see the special Issue on " Challenges and Directions Forward for Dealing with the Complexity of Future Smart Cyber–Physical Systems" - where the call for contributions has a deadline on August 31st, 2018.

Related to the blog, you will find my contribution to one of the CPS summerschools in 2017 here.  

See the above link for more information about research projects in these areas and my research group.

A large body of the research is carried out in cooperative projects with international research groups and industry (today with an emphasis on the automotive, automation and telecom industries, and tool developers).

The research spans technology, processes and organization, where architecture, integration and model-based engineering form the red thread. Key properties of interest include safety, robustness, performance, cost, evolvability and autonomy, including trade-offs between these aspects.

You are welcome to contact me if you are interested in opportunities in this area, for example for MSc thesis projects, research, evaluations, problem discussions etc.


I am involved in the following courses:
- Embedded systems (I and II)
- Mechatronics and Embedded systems capstone course
- Master science thesis projects supervision
- PhD level courses. These are today given in an aperiodic fashion (for more information see the group home page).
- Continued education for industry (

I also have the pleasure of supervising the following PhD students:

- Didem Gurdur (Lic.)
- Lu Jinzhi
- Naveen Mohan
- Masoumeh Parseh
- Pouya Mahdavipour Vahdati
- Lars Svensson
- Andrii Berezovskyi
- Lifei Tang (industrial PhD student with Atlas Copco Industrial Technique)
- Xin Tao

My group currently has the following post-docs and visitors:
- Dr. Fredrik Asplund
- Dr. Xinhai Zhang

PhD alumni:
- Dr. Xinhai Zhang (KTH)
- Dr. Thilo Friedrich (ESSS)
- Dr. Jonas Westman (Scania)
- Dr. Sagar Behere (Toyota Research Institute)
- Dr. Fredrik Asplund (Rolls Royce - Vinnova post-doc)
- Dr. Magnus Persson (Councillor, Solna community)
- Dr. Matthias Biehl (SME in Switzerland)
- Dr. Kristian Sandström (SICS, formerly ABB)
- Dr. Ola Redell (Retotech, formerly Maquet)
- Dr. Martin Sanfridson (Volvo)
- Dr. DeJiu Chen (Ass. Prof at KTH)
- Dr. Ola Larses (Alfa Laval)
- Dr. Jad El-Khoury (Researcher at KTH)
- Dr. Carl-Johan Sjöstedt (ÅF)
- Lic. of Technology JianLin Shi (Volvo car)
- Dr. Tahir Naseer (HIAB)
- Dr. Diana Malvius (Syntell)
- Dr. Niklas Adamsson (Accenture)
- Lic. of Technology Rickard Svenningsson (SP)

Post-doc alumni:
- Lola Masson, LAAS, Toulouse
- Dr. Sofia Cassel, Scania

Curriculum Vitae

Short and full CV including a list of publications:

  Short CV (pdf 100 kB)

  Curriculum Vitae including list of publications (pdf 353 kB)


All publications by Martin Törngren in DiVA

The publications are listed in my CV. Most of the publications are available for download over the web through DIVA ( or on-line databases.

Brief bio

Martin Törngren has been a Professor in Embedded Control Systems at the Mechatronics division of the KTH Department of Machine Design since 2002. He has particular interest in Cyber-Physical Systems, model based engineering, architectural design, systems integration, and co-design of control applications and embedded systems. He has authored/co-authored more than 100 peer reviewed publications, and also been in charge of developing and leading graduate and continued education courses. He spent time as a post-doc at the EU-JRC, and did a 10 month sabbatical 2011/12 at UC Berkeley. In 1996 he co-founded the company Fengco Real-time Control AB, specializing in advanced tools for developers of embedded control systems and related consultancy. In 1994 he received the SAAB-Scania award for qualified contributions in distributed control systems, and in 2004 the ITEA achievement award 2004 for contributions in the EAST-EEA project. He served as the technical coordinator of the international iFEST ARTEMIS project with 21 partners (2010-2013).  

Networking and multidisciplinary research have been characteristic throughout his career. From 1999-2004 he served as the Chairman of the Swedish real-time systems association, and he has represented KTH as a core partner in the EU networks of excellence in Embedded systems design, Artist2 and ArtistDesign, and in the Artemis industrial association. He is moreover the principal initiator and Director of the Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems (, launched in 2008. 

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