Vicki Derbyshire

Vicki works for the Mechatronics Division, the MMK Director of Studies and the Department's Engineering Design Masters Programme. She has also worked for ICES, the KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems, and PIEp.

Vicki Derbyshire


Phone: 08-790 85 05
Visiting address: Brinellvägen 83

I work 50% for the Mechatronics Division and 25% for the Department's Director of Studies and the Engineering Design Masters Programme. (See our homepages below.)

I can also help with language reviewing. Please don't hesitate to get in touch! (NB I am English and my Swedish is quite basic. Please feel free to email me in English, Swedish or Svengelska, but phone messages should be in English please! Thank you :O)

I joined MMK in March 2008 to help with the RAE. From August 2008 - December 2012, I worked for Martin Törngren (ICES Director) and also for Sofia Ritzén (PIEp Director) and Martin Grimheden (PIEp Education).

Before that, I spent 12 years in the Undergraduate Teaching Office at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, handling administration of the 4-year teaching programme, MEng projects and the MIT Exchange.

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