Auto2: Steps towards terrain automation

Published Dec 14, 2018

KTH Mechatronics together with Skogforsk, Komatsu, SLU, LTU, UMIT, Unibap AB, eXtractor AB, BAE Hägglunds, Skogsteknisk klustret, Sveaskog, SCA, Holmen, Strora Enso, BillerudKorsnäs and Södra have been awarded a grant from Vinnova regarding autonomous forestry machines.

 This Vinnova-funded autonomous terrain machinery project involves 15 partners, working towards a profitable and low-impact Swedish forestry for the future. The project will address key conditions for self-driving machinery, with the aim of starting a new wave of development that leads to improvements in the working environment of today's forest machine operators and ecological considerations for sustainable forestry.

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