5-year Master of Science in Engineering programmes (Civilingenjörer)

At Machine Design we provide a number of the courses included in four of KTH's Master of Science in Engineering programmes – Mechanical Engineering, Design and Product Development, Industrial Engineering and Management and Vehicle Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering (300 credits)

Mechanical Engineering offers a large number of specialisations within which it is possible to meet different KTH research groups, all working with the latest, cutting edge technology. These groups will act as teachers and supervisors for students undertaking their degree projects in their final year of study.


Design and Product Realisation (300 credits)

This programme provides knowledge on the entire product realisation process, from concept to finished product. Courses include both theoretical and practical elements. Design, construction and production are integrated in project work which becomes increasingly realistic.


Industrial Engineering and Management (300 credits)

The programme places great emphasis on the interaction between technical problem solution and the economic context. Management and cooperation form vital elements. The integration of technology, economics and management is explored in detail.


Vehicle Engineering (300 credits)

Vehicle engineering is a unique programme, in Sweden only available at KTH. Students gain a broad Master of Science education with a focus on applications within the vehicle field. This provides a broad spectrum of opportunities for their future professional lives. The programme consists of a combination of basic subjects, such as mathematics and mechanics, as well as the more applied of the engineering arts.