Industrial Collaboration - FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions... If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Martin Grimheden or one of the other staff members shown.

What's the typical timeline for an Advanced Course project?


Mechatronics HK


Partner Company Contribution


Spring Kick-off with project presentations from the companies

N/A (starts in September)

A 20 minute presentation of the project to all the Mechatronics students


Interim Report #1

N/A (starts in September)

Attend the team presentations, give feedback on their proposals.


Fall Kick-off

Spring Kick-off with project presentations from the companies

A 20 minute presentation of the project to all the Embedded Systems students


Interim Report #2

Interim Report

Attend the team presentations, give feedback on their proposals.


Final Presentations and Demonstrations

Final Presentations and Demonstrations

Attend the team presentations, look at the demonstrators and prototypes, give general and specific feedback. Talk to your team to wrap up the project.

How do KTH and the company share the intellectual property after the HK project?

Typically the company keeps 100% of the IP rights, but in cases where the students have invented something, we ask the company to reward/reimburse the students in the same way they would an employee.

Can the company restrict knowledge sharing for a sensitive project?

For learning purposes, typically each project is relatively open to all the students taking the advanced course, although the in-depth working details are the domain of the appointed team.  Your team can be asked to sign a detailed company non-disclosure form.  If required, a  more generic non-disclosure form can be signed by all students in advance of the project work starting. 

Similarly, the results of a project are usually shared across both HK courses, with students learning from other teams’ experiences.  If you have concerns about protecting the outcome of a student project, it is important that you include them in your initial proposal / discussions with the staff.

How much time does a company need to invest?

This can vary depending on the nature of the project, the resources of the company and the number of people involved.  On average, one day per week during one semester is sufficient, say 10% of a man-year. Most companies put in less than that, but then typically gain less results.

Can the company read more on MSc student research to date for specific topics? 

MSc thesis reports are made public through KTH Library. If you are interested in how (or if) a specific topic has been investigated by KTH Mechatronics students to date, please ask and we will point you at the right reports.   We will not be able to share previous HK reports unless the company concerned gives us permission to do so.

When does the company need to commit?

We typically hold preliminary discussions with companies in October/November, have more specific talks in December, and commit to a project proposal in January.  Some of the details of the project can remain quite vague until the HK starts in March, but the main concept, together with what the company hopes to gain from the project, should be decided in December.