Integrated Product Design (120 credits)

Integrated Product Design (IPD) is a two year graduate programme, focusing on processes and methods for product development in order to create innovative, usable, competitive and sustainable products and services.

In today’s highly competitive and fast changing global market engineers need advanced knowledge and highly developed skills in how to create competitive and sustainable products and services.

The main objective of the programme is to enable students to become engineers skilled in performing creative and innovative product development, using skills from different disciplines, in complex and competitive surroundings. Students will be able to develop and manage processes for development of products and innovations. The master's programme in Integrated Product Design offer two specialisation tracks: Industrial Design Engineering, and Innovation Management and Product Development and the tracks focus on different aspects of the processes for developing products, services or system solutions that meet the needs of users, customers and society such as sustainable development.

The programme consists of a mixture of compulsory courses, optional courses and track specific courses, offering students the opportunity to select courses that match their individual interests and career goals. During the programme students will have contact with industry and projects are often done in co-operation with a company or organisation providing students with valuable work experience.

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Entry requirements

Programme Director for Integrated Product Design

Industrial Design Engineering track

In Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) you will study and work with product development and service design. You will improve your skills in product development both from a mechanical engineering point of view as well as an industrial design point of view.

The activities covered in the design process at IDE are user understanding, ideation, concept screening, visualisation, rapid prototyping, overall systems design, materials, detailed design, manufacturing issues, sustainable development issues etc.

Student projects from IDE


Innovation Management and Product Development track

Do you want a prominent role in innovation management?
In the Innovation Management and Product Development track, you get the skills you need to become successful as innovation leader, business developer, business leader, strategy developer, project manager, entrepreneur, R & D leader or technology developer.

Innovation management and technical depth
You continue to develop your technical engineering skills while adding the necessary knowledge of how to lead and organize for innovation and product development.

Value creation and sustainable development
Based on solid research base, you will learn to create value based from multiple perspectives - product, service, process, and business. All these perspectives are central to creating long-term sustainable business - socially, economically, and environmentally. After graduation, you can both develop a business plan and the related product, service or system solution that enables the business plan. In the final project, where business plan and solution are developed, we collaborate with companies, public organizations or researchers. Students can also have the opportunity to realize their own ideas.

Expertise for a broad labor market
In this track you will gain knowledge that builds your future career. You will get clear cutting edge skills in management, strategy and implementation of innovation and product development and you can work with these issues in different types of business and different size of business; big business, small and medium-sized businesses, or build own start-ups. You are also attractive for management and engineering consultants as well as public organizations. You can also proceed to an academic career.