Digital tools for young storytellers

How will tomorrow’s children become eager storytellers and conquer the written word? Together with Berättarministeriet (The Ministry of Storytelling), KTH's Stefan Stenbom studies how digital technology can encourage children to tell stories.

Sweden’s first 5G network inaugurated

In December 2018, Sweden’s first 5G network opened at KTH's campus. ‘The 5G network gives us great opportunities to test and demonstrate our world-leading research and innovation in sustainable transport solutions. We will, for example, use the new network in our research projects on control towers for self-driving cars’, says Anna Pernestål, Director at the research centre Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL).

Paving way to digitize lubrication

Lubrication is an age-old, but growing issue, as we strive towards ever more reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions. Tribotronics brings active control to lubricatedncontacts by manipulating both mechanical components and the physical and chemical behavior of fluids and materials. In other words: tribotronic technology transforms lubrication from passive to active and strengthens its connection to the Internet of things. KTH is at the forefront of this development.

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Last changed: Apr 29, 2019