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What is the relation between Architecting and Model-Based working?

Guest lecture by Gerrit Muller, Professor of Systems Engineering, University of South-Eastern Norway

Architecting is the activity to create and maintain an architecture. An architecture description captures the why, what and how of ways to create solutions for a given problem. An architecture relates the customer value proposition (desirability) and the business and life cycle proposition (viability to the system definition to the design and technology choices (feasibility). Architects make use of a rich palette of models.
In the past decades, researchers have proposed many forms of formal modeling to support specific design challenges. In Systems Engineering, there are high expectations of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). What is the relation between architecting and MBSE?

Time: Tue 2023-04-18 09.15 - 10.15

Location: Gladan, Brinellvägen 85, KTH Campus

Language: English

Participating: Prof Gerrit Muller (

All are welcome to attend this talk, which will be followed by the half-way seminar for Rakesh Jayaprakash .

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