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  • Money to digitize the industry
    29 Nov 2023

    Vinnova grants KTH and three other universities SEK 25 million for ADAPT – a new business model for industrial skills development.

  • Map of Sweden with circles around the four node locations.
    ShiftLabs' four nodes are in Gothenburg, Skövde, Mälardalen and the Stockholm region.
    A new ShiftLabs node is starting in Södertälje
    2 May 2023

    Small and medium-sized businesses will receive help with digitalisation from KTH Leancentrum and Södertälje Science Park. As part of the innovation hub ShiftLabs, their mission is to provide companies...

  • Stefan and Malin sitting in a light environment behind their computers discussing something.
    Stefan Stenbom and Malin Jansson (Digital Learning) are engaged in the project.
    8 million to “Mattecoach på nätet”
    29 Aug 2022

    With 8 new million from Erling-Persson's foundation, Mattecoach på nätet (Mathcoach online) will expand geographically, and the number of math coaches will increase.

  • White social robot with ipad in its hand.
    Photo: Alex Knight on Unsplash
    “Teachers must lead the digitization"
    7 Oct 2020

    After months of pandemic most of us have embraced digital tools - especially teachers who have been forced to take on remote teaching. But where does the digital push forward lead to when it comes to ...

  • Frida Svelander teaches mathematics and records a video using learning glass. Photo: Amir Mehdi Rezaei
    “Learning glass” a boost for video lectures
    14 Aug 2020

    In a studio at KTH, a team is elaborating video recordings where the speaker make notes on a glass screen. With an air of magic, "Learning glass" lifts distance education to new heights.

  • ITM helps government define "digital excellence"
    20 Apr 2020

    The lack of digital specialists inhibits innovation and growth in Sweden, according to OECD. The need for digital competence today is already big and is expected to increase in the coming years as dig...

  • The walk is given by the House of Nature for students in grades 1-3. Photo: House of Science..
    Ice age walk in a digital era
    14 Apr 2020

    If the students cannot access the ice age walk, ice age walk must come to the classrooms. In a short time, House of Nature has turned a guided tour outdoors into an digital indoor experience.

  • Large city in night time.
    A new center for edge computing - TECoSA
    25 Mar 2020

    Hi, Martin Törngren who’s organizing the launch of the new competence center TECoSA on March 26th as its director.

Sweden’s first 5G network inaugurated

In December 2018, Sweden’s first 5G network opened at KTH's campus. ‘The 5G network gives us great opportunities to test and demonstrate our world-leading research and innovation in sustainable transport solutions. We will, for example, use the new network in our research projects on control towers for self-driving cars’, says Anna Pernestål, Director at the research centre Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL).

Woman using a microscope

Paving way to digitize lubrication

Lubrication is an age-old, but growing issue, as we strive towards ever more reliable, efficient and sustainable solutions. Tribotronics brings active control to lubricatedncontacts by manipulating both mechanical components and the physical and chemical behavior of fluids and materials. In other words: tribotronic technology transforms lubrication from passive to active and strengthens its connection to the Internet of things. KTH is at the forefront of this development.

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