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Gender equality

  • Image showing people in a hotel room, a reception and a woman with "Stop prostitution".
    Image: Stina Wirsén
    The actions that prevent sex trade in hotels
    12 Apr 2023

    Most people know that both prostitution and human trafficking take place in Swedish hotels. Few, though, think about how this affects the hotel staff and their attitude toward the workplace. And how c...

  • Portrait of woman, smiling.
    Annika Borgenstam is recognized because, as a teacher, researcher and leader, she pays attention to how inequality is recreated and works to promote equality.
    Borgenstam on prestigeous list
    10 Mar 2023

    Annika Borgenstam, Professor at Materials Science and Engineering, is among the 40 most powerful women in mining and steel, according to "Sveriges hårdaste lista".

  • Portrait Kalle Garme
    Kalle Garme works with naval architecture at the SCI school and has taken the course "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education".
    ”Everyone at KTH should take the course”
    23 Aug 2022

    Kalle Garme took the "Gender Theory and Gender Equality in Technical Higher Education" course and explains why he thinks all KTH employees should attend it.

  • Malin receives a diploma and flowers from Peter, older man.
    Malin Selleby is regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in thermodynamic modelling in materials design. Here, she receives the medal by Peter Samuelsson. Photo: Mats Gartz
    Malin Selleby the first woman to get the Sefström Medal
    30 Mar 2022

    Malin Selleby receives the Sefström Medal for her work in Computational Thermodynamics. The Sefström Medal is awarded by The Swedish association of mining and metallurgical engineers* every 5 years si...

  • Portraits of Annika and Martin, smiling
    Annika Borgenstam hands over to Martin Edin Grimheden as the ITM School's JMLA. Photo: Anneli Nygårds
    A new fighter for equality
    25 Jan 2022

    Annika Borgenstam, Head of Materials Science, hands over the JMLA* role to Martin Edin Grimheden, Machine Design. Among other things, Annika has organized the ITM School's activities for gender equali...

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