Human Resources team

The Human Resources team administrates human resources issues at the school. The team's mission is to be a service function for the employees of the school. You can contact us in all HR related matters.


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We work with strategic HR-issues and administrate all employment matters, promotion matters, higher positions, health and safety issues, equality issues, environmental issues, scholarship issues, register reimbursements and expenses and other HR administration.

Our work is also to ensure that the school complies with laws and regulations and KTH’s guidelines in HR issues.


Anna Thöresson Berg
Anna Thöresson Berg, Human Resources Manager +4687907393
ITM Dean's office Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18
Anton Lagerbäck
Anton Lagerbäck, Human Resources Officer +4687907628
ITM Deans Office Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18

Anton works with placements of teachers and lecturers and tenure track. He is ITM's travel coordinator and responsible for coordinating the wellness activitites at ITM.

Katarina Tersmeden
Katarina Tersmeden, hr-officer +4687907999
ITM DEANS OFFICE Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18
Malin Bolin
Malin Bolin, hr manager +4687907280
ITM DEANS OFFICE Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18
Marina Öhman
Marina Öhman, Human Resources Officer +4687907985
ITM Dean's office Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18

Marina works with scholarships, SINK, tax for residents abroad, outside acitivites and insurance.

Maya Öberg
Maya Öberg, Human Resources Officer +4687907653
ITM's Deans office Lindstedtsvägen 30/Teknikringen 18

Maya works primarily with the recruitment of T/A/S personnel, including researchers, research engineers, postdocs and Ph.D Students. Furthermore, Maya is the school's environment representative.

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