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The school has established an academic forum as a support function. It consists of PhD teachers at the school. The Academic forum will mainly function as a quality audit. The forum´s duties include; discussion of the school's education and research, its quality and its long-term strategic perspective, work with the school development plan, advising, and preparing proposals for honorary doctorates.

The Academic Forum has about 30 members. These are selected from the employed professors and other researchers with doctorates. The term of office is two years.

Members of the Academic Forum

Industrial Economics and Management

Bertil Guve  Lecturer (substitute) 
Maria Hammarén  Reseacher 
Matti Kaulio  Lecturer (substitute) 
Håkan Kullvén  Lecturer 
Staffan Laestadius  Professor 
Marcus Lindahl  Lecturer (substitute) 
Johan Packendorff  Lecturer 

Machine Design

Sören Andersson  Professor 
Stefan Björklund  Lecturer 
Anders Hugnell  Föreståndare 
Ulf Olofsson  Lecturer 
Sofia Ritzén  Lecturer 
Claes Tisell  Lecturer 
Martin Törngren  Professor 
Annika Zika-Viktorsson  Assistant Professor 

Production Engineering

Mats Bejhem  Researcher 
Peter Gröndahl  Director 
Torsten Kjellberg  Professor 
Lats Mattsson  Professor 
Gunilla Sivard  Researcher 

Materials Science and Engineering

Malin Selleby  Reseacher 
John Ågren  Professor 
Seshadri Seetharaman  Professor 
Bill Bergman  Professor 
Henrik Larsson  Reseacher 

Energy Technology

Per Lundquist  Professor 
Hans Jonsson  Reseacher 
Andrew Martin  Reseacher 
Björn Palm  Professor 
Torsten Fransson  Professor 

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