Head of School

Jan Wikander is Dean of School since 2013. Jan has a MSc in Mechanical engineering, KTH and a PhD in Machine Elements, KTH. Since1996 he is Professor in Mechatronics, KTH

Jan Wikander
Jan Wikander, professor, dean of school 087907370

Deputy Head of School

Pär Jönsson
Pär Jönsson, professor, vice skolchef 087908375

Director of First and Second Cycle Education

Anna Jerbrant, M.Sc, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Industrial Economics and Management. Dean of Education at the school of Industrial Engineering and Management

Director of Third Cycle Education

Malin Selleby is professor at the Department of Materials Science and head of the unit of Structures.

Malin Selleby
Malin Selleby, professor, head of unit 087908389

Head of Administration

Christina Carlsson
Christina Carlsson, head of administration 087907662
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