Student Service

The School’s office of student affairs works with matters relating to the school’s education and our students, both undergraduate and master students.

What we do


At the office, students receive support and advice, for example when choosing courses and education specialisation. The office also offers counselling for those lagging behind in their studies, or are unsure of their educational choice.

Studying abroad

Students interested in spending part of their time abroad as exchange students receive help from the international education officer. The school has exchange agreements with a large number of universities across the world.

The school also receives around 160-200 exhange students every year.


An important part of the work of the office is recruitment of new students to the school's programs. The school participates in, and meets possible students at, fairs and open house activities. The office contributes to the production of the KTH catalogue. The office has a web of their own with information on both school and KTH matters as well as external matters.

New courses

In addition, the office participates actively in the development of new courses, specialisations and programs. Quality control and change work is done regularly.

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Last changed: Jun 10, 2018