About ITRL

Mobility will always be a central need for humans and our societies are dependent on flexible and smart mobility solutions that enables us to develop and prosper. ITRL takes on this important challenge.

ITRL – Integrated Transport Research Lab – is a multidisciplinary and multi-stakeholder arena. We assemble experts in:

1. Novel technical transport solutions with high impact/potential.

2. Areas of improvement in todays transport system.

3. Implementation barriers and mechanisms.

Our mission is to explore sustainable mobility solutions through research and demo, on technical and system level, that greatly reduce CO2 emissions (50% or more) and are economically viable and socially accepted.

The ITRL approach in contributing to this mission is through long-term multidisciplinary research cooperation and by means of radically new and holistic technical solutions.

Our firm belief is that seamless transport services, infrastructure, novel vehicle concepts, business models and policies, all need to be tuned and optimized in chorus.

Through our research we continuously identify possibilities and new ideas for mobility and transport. We also find barriers that we cannot solve without the help from others. Our experience says that it is a great service to other actors having obstacles identified together with suggested changes or even proposed solutions.

When the ideas planted in our research projects, workshops and demonstration sites, are implemented in real life, we have reached our goal.

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