• Is Transport Behaviour During Corona Sustainable?

    Published Jun 25, 2020

    Since March, ITRL has been running the project "The trade-off behaviours between virtual and physical activities during COVID-19 pandemic period", an ...

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  • Lars Svensson Tests Traction Adaptive Motion Planning in Self-Driving Trucks

    Published Jun 17, 2020

    ITRL researcher Lars Svensson has been conducting some exciting evaluations of his research on motion planning and control for self-driving vehicles. ...

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  • ITRL at Kista Mobility Day

    Published Jun 10, 2020
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  • New COVID-19 survey: Effects on Urban Goods Distribution

    Published Jun 09, 2020

    (English Below) Under corona-krisen har vårt samhälle, och inte minst våra godstransporter förändrats dramatiskt. Vi behöver 10-15 minuter av din t...

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  • Anna Pernestål Holds Docent Lecture

    Published May 29, 2020

    On the 27th May, Anna held her docent lecture as a part of the appointment to a docent position at KTH. This is a step which marks an important progre...

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  • Anna Pernestål Selected as Chairperson for CLOSER Digitized & Connected Logistics

    Published May 13, 2020

    ITRL director Anna Pernestål has been selected as the new chairperson for the CLOSER Digitized & Connected Logistics focus area.

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  • Research engineer/project coordinator position available at ITRL

    The ITRL team
    Published May 11, 2020

    Would you like to be part of the ITRL team and join us in our quest to improve the sustainability of transport systems? Read on to find out who we are...

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  • Upcoming Licentiate Seminars

    Published May 08, 2020

    Xin Tao (ITRL researcher) and Jonas Hatzenbühler (affiliate ITRL researcher) will soon be holding their public licentiate seminars.

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  • What Can COVID-19 Teach us About Transport?

    Published Apr 22, 2020

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, ITRL began to think about how we could create positive outcomes from the outbreak. Our researchers focus on t...

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  • What Can a Smartwatch Tell Us About a City?

    Published Apr 03, 2020

    In our new series "Interview with an ITRL researcher", we interview a researcher asking a range of questions designed to capture how their work contri...

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  • Sweden4Platooning Conference Registration

    Photo: Scania
    Published Feb 27, 2020

    ITRL is a proud partner of the Sweden4Platooning conference, taking place on the 11th March 2020.

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  • ITRL Visitors Expand Our Network and Spread Knowledge

    Published Feb 25, 2020

    As part of ITRL’s ongoing effort to disseminate knowledge and share our vision of future sustainable transport, we are happy to receive visitors from ...

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  • Anna Pernestål sits down with TV4

    Published Dec 16, 2019

    On Thursday, Anna sat down with TV4 "Malou efter tio" to chat about the future of driverless vehicles and the ways in which ITRL's research is leading...

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  • ITRL PhD affiliation program - call one

    Published Dec 04, 2019

    ITRL is introducing an affiliation program for KTH PhD & industrial PhD students

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  • Exciting opportunity to be part of the ITRL team!

    Published Nov 19, 2019

    ITRL (KTH) is looking for a new doctoral student in vehicle dynamics with a focus on remote operation of vehicles

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  • Anna Pernestål Talks to SvD About Choosing a Sustainable Transport Future

    Published Oct 08, 2019

    With car fleets facing an unprecedented shift, electrification and self-driving technology are gaining ground. The environmental impact of vehicles co...

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  • Watch Albin Present at Redeye

    Published Oct 07, 2019

    On the 25th of September Albin presented on the expectations, benefits and potential challenges of self-driving vehicles at the Redeye Autotech Semina...

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  • Join the UIDC design competition!

    Published Sep 26, 2019

    Are you a student in Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering, GIS or similar? Would you like the chance to do a real-life development project, and c...

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  • Meet up with us!

    Published May 28, 2019

    Between June 5th and June 14th, ITRL is having a busy week.

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  • Postdoc Position in Sustainable Mobility

    Published May 03, 2019

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Dept. of Urban Planning and Environment, working closely with ITRL, is looking for a post doc in Sustainable Mobili...

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