KTH, Scania and Ericsson

KTH, Scania and Ericsson will gather in ITRL leading multidisciplinary expertise to develop and demonstrate new sustainable transport.

KTH is Scandinavia's largest player in transport research, with world-leading research and industry cooperate closely in a number of automotive and transportation related topics. In the Stockholm and Mälardalen is a great interest for sustainable development in municipalities, county councils and industry. Sweden has a strong innovation climate and many "early adopters", which provides unique opportunities to develop and test new sustainable transportation.
Transport Research Laboratory ITRL at KTH gets another teammate. Ericsson makes KTH and Scania company and enters 15 million into research on future infrastructure.
ITRL, an acronym for Integrated Transport Research Laboratory, a joint initiative between KTH, Ericsson and Scania where technology autonomous buses, elvägar and better systems to avoid traffic jams are examples of the research conducted.
Through this, the three partners invested SEK 100 million by the year 2021.

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