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The research areas organize activities as projects, operational with specified goals, resources and timing.

ITRL believes in an integrated approach taking into consideration several research and development areas to successfully solve the challenges that we are facing concerning future transport. This is what we call a systems approach to transport research.

There will typically be several projects of different size running in parallel within each area. Each project will address important challenges, and will incorporate a multidisciplinary system perspective as well as more specific research topics. All projects will aim at achieving demonstrations in some way (physical or virtual), and will be presented in a holistic context.

The figure below shows how the program areas interact, where the main research areas is the areas of Mobility services, Efficient transport concepts and Connected and Automated transport. The other areas; Infrastructure, Users and Society and Policy and business models is often represented in the projects we run.

Find out more about our different program areas:

Seamless, Inclusive Mobility of People

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Efficient, Collaborative Urban Goods Distribution

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Lean end-to-end freight transport

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