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Are you new to KTH? Or have you already been here for a while but not really discovered what services the library can provide? Read our short guide!

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KTH Library has extensive collections of printed and electronic materials within all of KTH's subject areas. The search tool Primo gives you access to printed and electronic publications. You can also see the resources the library is subscribed to in our database list. If you log in to your KTH account you can access our electronic resources outside of campus.

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If you want to request and borrow printed books or make an interlibrary loan you need to activate your library account.

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The mission of the library is to provide information in support of the research and education at KTH. Our focus is therefore a patron-driven acquisition. If you are missing any material that is relevant for your research, you can use our request or suggest for purchase form. We primarily buy electronic materials, but if that's not possible, we will buy a printed copy or borrow one from another library. You can also order materials using the order link in Primo. Article copies and interlibrary loans within the Nordic countries are always free for employees at KTH.

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The library can offer researchers, teachers and PhD students support in information searching. We can also provide help if you want to learn more about searching in patent databases.

Book a tutorial in information management
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The library also manages the KTH publication database DiVA and the electronic posting of theses. We also work with questions related to publishing, for example Open Access.

Read more about DiVA, bibliometrics and Open Access

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