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E-learning management object at KTH

The E-learning management object is a joint activity between the Digital Learning unit and the IT-department. The management object's mission is to maintain and develop the digital learning environment at KTH. The systems included are Canvas, Course, Program and Group Web, Personal Menu, Artologic Survey and Report, Kaltura and URKUND. The Digital Learning unit is within the management object responsible for investigations and evaluations of the digital learning environment, as well as education and support to KTH's teachers.

Systems included in the E-learning management object

  • Canvas
  • Course-, program- and group webs
  • Personal menu
  • Artologic Survey and report
  • Kaltura

Investigates and evaluates on a scientific basis

The Digital Learning unit is responsible for the investigations and evaluations of the digital learning environment, as well as education and supervision of KTH's teachers. This means that we are conducting the activities to investigate what digital learning environment KTH should have, as well as evaluating whether the current environment meets the needs of teachers and students. The activities are conducted on a scientific basis, where investigations and evaluations are published as a journal or conference article.

Education and supervision assignment

Within the framework of the education and supervision of Digital Learning, we are responsible for the knowledge support on KTH's intranet regarding digital learning  at KTH. We also run regular seminars, workshops and courses, as well as providing guidance to teachers via personal meetings or e-mail.

We provide KTH support with digital learning methods and tools

Here are few of our pages to browse through:

Eductional perspectives

Changes to the digital learning environment are carried out as projects involving personnel from the unit as either project managers or participating from an educational perspective. Current projects concern, for example, course information and digital assessment.

Group composition

The group includes researchers, educational developers, communicators, coordinators and research engineers.


Belongs to: The Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences
Last changed: Sep 24, 2020