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KTH's MOOC courses

Between 2016-2020 KTHx engaged in the initiative to offer MOOCs via edX. These online courses were open for the public to provide life-long learning opportunities.

KTHx included introductory and more advanced MOOC offerings.  

  • Cyber Physical systems
  • Digital Transformation, I - IV
  • High Performance Finite Element Modeling, I - II
  • Human Spaceflight
  • Philosophy of Science for engineers and natural scientists
  • Risk Assessment for MSDs using RAMP, I - III
  • Reliable Distributed Algorithms, I - II
  • Sustainable development for problem solvers, I - III


If you have questions regarding future MOOC-offerings, you may contact Johan Thorbjörnson  

Questions about the previous MOOC-initiative at KTH? Please contact us for more information:

Linda Barman, Program Director and Project Manager KTHx.

Morgan Mickelsson, Head of the unit for digital learning.