Global Competence

With our research, we wish to explore how technical universities perceive, support, integrate and assess global competence for students, teachers and staff. The research also aims to help enhance present and future engineering education.

For successful engineering

Globalisation and internationalisation have made ‘global competence’, i.e., the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to communicate and work constructively, creatively and ethically in environments characterised by cultural and social diversity, a prerequisite for successful engineering. Companies, organisations and official bodies are calling for our engineering graduates to possess this competence and its acquiring is one of the perceived benefits of international mobility and comprehensive internationalisation of higher institutes of education.

Working with teachers in language and communication, as well as teachers involved in KTH:s Certificate of Global Competence  and corresponding training for teachers and staff, we hope our research will help to strengthen current university endeavours in this field, and help design and test new ways of supporting global competence learning at technical universities.


This is a new research area at KTH, and still at an early stage. If you are interested, want to know more, or want to become involved, please contact:

Björn Kjellgren
Björn Kjellgren
studierektor, univ.lektor +4687906125
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