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Italian at KTH

Italian is the language of about 70 million people, living in Italy as well as in southern Switzerland. It is also spoken as a first or second language by Italian immigrants in many countries.

Italy is a significant trading partner of Sweden and there is a need for good skills in the Italian language and culture. Are you into Italian football, food and fashion? Do you love opera? Or are you fascinated by Leonardo da Vinci? When you study Italian you will not only be learning the language itself, but also gaining insight into Italian society and culture.

If you want to study a term or two at an Italian university you have many opportunities. All KTH programs have exchange agreements with the Politecnico di Milano and the Politecnico di Torino, and many programs have individual agreements with a range of other Italian universities. Your time in Italy will be greatly helped by having at least basic knowledge of Italian when you arrive, since it is somewhat more difficult to manage in English in Italy than in many other European countries.

We offer courses at beginner’s and advanced beginner’s level: LS1450 Italian A1, 7,5 hp, and Italian A2, 7.5 hp. Both courses focus on providing oral and written proficiency, general knowledge of the Italian language and an orientation for the culture and society. The language of instruction is Swedish.