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Mission and vision of KTH Language and Communication

KTH Language and Communication works actively for internationalisation and for preparing KTH students for the communicative challenges that await them in their professional lives. The division offers courses in the most important languages for Swedish engineers from basic level to higher levels, as well as in rhetoric, global competence and technical communication. Our operations within the subject of communication contribute to meeting the degree requirements for Masters and Bachelors in Engineering. Our vision is to develop cutting-edge expertise within Global Competence and Engineering Communication.

Tasks from the KTH development plan 

Language and Communication works actively for internationalisation at KTH by offering KTH students and employees courses and other learning activities in languages, communication and global competence. Our aim is to enable good professional and and scientific communication in speech and writing in the first, second and third languages, with people within and outside of one's professional sphere, and with people from other cultures. Our operations thereby contribute to fullfilling the degree requirements for Masters and Bachelors of engineering, as well as in research education.

See the KTH development plan

Operational objectives 

The objectives from KTH's current development plan that guide our operations include that

  • students are in possession of complementary skills such as intercultural competence
  • the number of students studying abroad increases 
  • international students are attracted to KTH
  • KTH is a well-integrated dual-language university 
  • digital resources are used to provide effective, economical and accessible courses .


To achieve these objectives, we


In our vison of the future is included that we develop leading edge expertise within the subjects of global competence engineering communication. We want KTH engineers and architects to be well-known for their excellent skills in communicating their technical knowledge, thereby being able to contribute even more to societal development. 


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