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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about tandem registration

How do I access this system?

To access this system you have to log in using your KTHID. Your KTHID is your e-mail address, (e.g. if your e-mail is, your KTHID is teknolog). Use the same password as when you access your e-mail.

If you are a student from a partner university, eg, from Unite!, please email us for help getting in touch with Swedish-speaking students!

The first time you log in to this system you'll need to provide some information about yourself, and then you can begin searching for a language partner!

The login page is in Swedish, and I don't understand Swedish!

The login is handled by the KTH Login Server, and the login page is unfortunately in Swedish. It's not that difficult though, put your KTHID in the upper box and the password in the lower and then press the button labelled "Logga in".

I get the following error message when I try to log in: "Din inloggning misslyckades. Inga detaljer om varför finnes."

This probably means bad username, i.e. that you use a KTHID that does not exist. Please check that you have entered your KTHID correctly.


If you still have problems, please contact .