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GRADE - Digital technologies in education

The Graduate School of Digital Technologies in Education (GRADE) is a national research school that started in September 2018. Participating institutions are Umeå University (host University), University of Gothenburg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Gävle, University West Halmstad University, Linnaeus University, Jönköping University and Mittuniversitetet. The graduate school’s focus is on coordinating and organizing courses, conducting seminars, workshops, and organizing support for research students’ projects.

Interdisciplinary perspective

One of the basic starting points for GRADE is an interdisciplinary approach; Applied IT, Didactics, Pedagogy, Educational Work, Informatics and Technology and Learning are subjects represented in the research school. These contribute different perspectives for research on digital technologies in the school. Participating institutions collaborate to provide courses based on their expertise in the field, different research methods, different theoretical perspectives, analytical tools, and design issues in research.

GRADE offers four courses that are compulsory for admitted research students, complemented by optional courses.. The courses, seminars, conferences, and tutoring will be conducted on different campuses and through various forms of communication technologies such as video conferencing and digital collaboration tools.

Admission to Learning at KTH

The graduate school includes about thirty doctoral students. Admission can take place at the Department of Learning at the Royal Institute of Technology in the research education subject Technology and Learning.


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Last changed: Dec 21, 2020