A playground of ideas, #MTFStockholm

The international festival of music ideas and innovation, Music Tech Fest (MTF Stockholm), was held at KTH during the week Sept. 3-9, with a global array of artists, researchers, creators, innovators and – of course – KTH students meeting to explore and invent new ways to create and experience music. The multi-disciplinary event also put a strong emphasis on gender equality.

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A variety of ideas were worked on in the AI and Performance lab at #MTFStockholm, which was headed by Danica Kragic, professor of robotics at KTH. This project involved a DJ from Enköping and a group of hackers.

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A Creative Lab and Hack Camp ran for 24 hours at Undervisningshuset Huset, where many KTH students and researchers dug in on music technology projects.

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Professor Danica Kragic was named head of the AI and Performance Lab at #MTFStockholm.

These were the featured parts of #MTFStockholm:


Immersive real and virtual environments, including VR and streaming from major world orchestras, sonified cities, Imogen Heap’s Mycelia experiences, and the Swedish Music Tech Toolkit.


Special pro areas including the JAZZIZ Lounge with exclusive guests in conversation and high end gear, the Music Tech City of the Year Awards, and a VIP lounge with exclusive content.


A whole weekend of family fun with Robyn’s Tekla girls hack, special session with Imogen Heap’s MiMu gloves for kids, music making workshops with the Electronic School Concert and lots of play in the Sparks family space.


Back to back demos and performances on the innovation stage showcasing the latest inventions, and a Playground area with new and vintage music tech gear that visitors can experiment with.


The space for thinking out loud with tangible instruments, meet hackers and creatives from all areas of expertise, live experimentation and jamming in a marathon of invention.


Media and music productions, including broadcasters, video makers, press, and a 24 hour marathon in music-making by professional composers and music producers.

#MTF LABS: #Performance #AI (R1 Reactor Hall, Drottning Kristinas väg 51, Stockholm)

Experiments in AI, Robotics, Data, Fashion Tech, VR, Neuroscience and more, lead to completely new hybrid technologies and culminate in exclusive performances showcased to select festival audiences.

#MTF LABS: #Mycelia #Blockchain (Kollegiesalen, Brinnelvägen 8, Stockholm)

Imogen Heap leads a week-long lab devoted to finding solutions and creating new technologies for blockchain and music rights data management. Exclusive previews of the results will be showcased to festival audiences.

#MTF RESEARCH (KTH Biblioteket, Osquars backe 31, Stockholm)

Luminaries from the MTF research community address AI, Human Music Interaction, Radical Inclusion, Digital Archives, Music Rights and Blockchain.

Who’s behind it?

KTH has partnered with Music Tech Fest, which is now in its sixth year. MTF is an ecosystem of more than 7,000 creative innovators and scientific researchers who regularly gather at MTF events and laboratories. Music Tech Fest events have been held in many locations around the world including the Barbican in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Microsoft NERD labs in Cambridge MA and Funkhaus in Berlin. MTF was founded by Michela Magas, who was awarded the EU Woman Innovator of the Year prize in 2017 for it. Magas is founder and director of the innovation lab Stromatolite LTD in the UK, and currently adviser on AI and innovation to the EU Commission and the G7 leaders.

Why go to MTF Stockholm?

MTF is a festival of innovation and ideas. It aims to advance the state of the art in areas like blockchain, artificial Intelligence, augmented Reality, immersive experience, robotics and even space research.

It does so by using music as the creative spark for everything that's created there, and so it's enormous fun. It's for absolutely everyone, which is why there are also family tickets available.

It's in Stockholm, which is a world leader in technology and innovation.

It's taking place at KTH Royal Institute of Technology!

It brings together industry thought leaders, some of the world's top scientists, technologists and critical, engaged artists.

It features contributions from professors, PhDs, postdoctoral researchers and the global academic community.

It favours curiosity, experimentation and invention and creates real, applicable results.

In other words, you can expect MTF Stockholm to be smart.

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