Be part of Music Tech Fest Stockholm

Participate in a world-renowned, multi-disciplinary technology and music festival that’s coming this autumn to KTH: Music Tech Fest Stockholm – September 3-9.

Register for MTF research symposium

The MTF Stockholm symposium brings together academics from around the world and a broad range of disciplines in order to seed discussions that connect diverse areas of study and explore new potential collaborations. The symposium is a place to connect, initiate and develop new research projects at the intersection of music and technology. It addresses Radical Inclusion, AI, Human Music Interaction, Digital Archives, Music Rights and Blockchain Technologies. Research collaborations that started at MTF have gone on to be funded by the European Commission and other major funding bodies for hundreds of thousands - or even millions of euros, and the global #MTFResearch community features over 650 members.

The #MTFResearch Symposium begins at 12:00 on September 6 and ends at 12:00 September 7.

The symposium will also track the impact of the Manifesto for Music Technology Research, which was initiated five years ago. One of the authors of that statement, Nancy Baym, will lead the symposium and deliver the keynote. She is principal researcher at Microsoft Research New England and research affiliate Comparative Media Studies/Writing, MIT.

If you are KTH-employed, contact Sanna Cedergren for you registration

Volunteer at #MTFStockholm

Add some great experience to your CV and make new professional and creative connections as a volunteer at Music Tech Fest at KTH, from September 3-9. You’ll get free access to this prestigious international festival, meet fascinating people and participate in innovation and research labs. Not only that, but volunteers experience the behind-the-scenes excitement of performances featuring cutting edge artists. And, you get to help a broad range of researchers, artists and music industry innovators get the most out of this intense and multi-faceted festival. MTF will provide all the training you need.

Read more and register here

Why go to MTF Stockholm?

MTF is a festival of innovation and ideas. It aims to advance the state of the art in areas like blockchain, artificial Intelligence, augmented Reality, immersive experience, robotics and even space research.

It does so by using music as the creative spark for everything that's created there, and so it's enormous fun. It's for absolutely everyone, which is why there are also family tickets available.

It's in Stockholm, which is a world leader in technology and innovation.

It's taking place at KTH Royal Institute of Technology!

It brings together industry thought leaders, some of the world's top scientists, technologists and critical, engaged artists.

It features contributions from professors, PhDs, postdoctoral researchers and the global academic community.

It favours curiosity, experimentation and invention and creates real, applicable results.

In other words, you can expect MTF Stockholm to be smart.

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