KTH Södertälje

KTH Södertälje is situated south of Stockholm in an area with a strong connection to the manufacturing and production industry. The activities run there by KTH are about to undergo major expansion in the form of new courses and a new research organisation in the field of Sustainable Production.

The courses offered at KTH Södertälje focus on:

  • Machine Technology - Industrial technology and sustainability
  • Machine Technology - Innovation and design
  • Machine Technology - Industrial economics and production
  • Logistics
  • The research activities will contribute to sustainable industry and focus on:
  • Strategic Maintenance
  • Production Logistics
  • Production Management

As well as research and education the following functions will be provided:

  • Library
  • Information and help desk
  • Lean Center

A new campus

By the end of 2017 KTH’s activities will be transferred to a new attractive campus in the Northern City Centre of Södertälje.

Read more about the initiative to expand KTH Södertälje


Visiting address: Mariekällgatan 3, Södertälje
Postal address: SE-151 81 SÖDERTÄLJE

Phone: +46 8 790 90 00
Fax: +46 8 790 95 11

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