KTH's prizes and awards

KTH Royal Institute of Technology awards the following prizes to both internal and external recipients.

Honorary doctors at KTH

The KTH Great Prize

The prize is taken from the proceeds of a donation made in 1944 and which now stands at one million two hundred thousand Swedish kronor.

The KTH Great Prize

The KTH award for industrial collaboration

Systems Engineering uses methods and techniques to profitably develop, manufacture, operate and maintain industrial plants and systems. The term was coined about 15 years ago by the Engineering Sciences Academy (IVA) to distinguish it from the general and bland concept of systems technology.

KTH gold medal for industrial cooperation

The grant from the Janne Carlsson Foundation for academic leadership

A fundraising foundation in the above Vice-Chancellor's name was founded in 1998. The aim was to stimulate people who were active in the Swedish academic world to develop leadership. Another aim was to honour Janne Carlsson for his work on the development and internationalization of Swedish academic life. The foundation will use its combined resources for one or more annual grants to one or more persons who made outstanding contributions to academic leadership in the previous year.The prize is currently SEK 50,000.

The Wallquist Berg Medal

This medal is awarded every ten years to a person who has made meritorious contributions to materials technology. The last medal was awarded at the ceremony in 2003. Anders Wärme was awarded the medal for his outstanding and important development work in the steel industry.

The Berg medal is made of pure gold and is 6 cm in diameter. On one side the medal has the inscription "for outstanding contributions to the Berg development and advancement" and on the other side bears an image of the donor himself.

The Wallquist Study Medal

The study medal shall be a silver medal in the same size as the Berg medal (60 mm) with one side bearing the donor's picture, as in the Berg medal (same pressing) and the other side in principle the same but with the inscription "For outstanding academic performance at the Royal Institute of Technology."

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The President´s equality and diversity prize

Candidates to the equality and diversity prize for employees, are nominated by Vice-President for Faculty Development and Gender Equity.
Candidates to the equality and diversity prize for engineering students, are nominated by the Student Union (THS).

The prize, each currently having a value of SEK 10,000, is awarded at the graduation cermony in December in Stockholm City Hall.

Teacher’s Prize/Educational prize

Teacher’s Prize/Educational prize is a travel grant awarded yearly to teachers at KTH, for outstanding contributions to education at KTH.

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