The KTH Great Prize

The prize is taken from the proceeds of a donation made in 1944 and which now stands at one million two hundred thousand Swedish kronor. According to the donor, who wished to be and has remained anonymous, the prize shall be awarded to:

A person who, through epoch-making discoveries and the creation of new values and by ingenious applications of findings gained on the practical aspects of life, promotes Sweden's continued material progress, or a person who by means of scientific research has discovered particularly valuable principles or methods which are useful for applications, which promote the above purpose, or a person who through artistic activities "exerts a powerful influence particularly on the spiritual life of her own people."

The recipient must also be a Swedish citizen.

Proposals may be submitted by all Swedish citizens, companies or institutions by the end of Mars.

Proposals for winners may be sent to KTH, Registrator, 100 44 Stockholm, or by e-mail:

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