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Help to Help creates opportunities

The KTH student Malin Cronqvist started Help to Help, an organisation that crowdfunds higher education for young people in Tanzania.

a photo of Malin Cronqvist

Even before travelling to Tanzania - a stay in the country which led to some frustration around obvious problems around foreign aid and charity - Malin Cronqvist had made up her mind. She was going to start Help to Help, a web platform where grass root funding helps raise money for African students. The idea is that through facilitating the education of a local teacher, for instance, that individual can contribute to their community and family for the duration of their working life. Malin contacted KTH Innovation two years after starting Help to Help, which she has previously described as the reason for Help to Help growth .

When Help to Help celebrated it's 10th anniversary in 2019 a total of 289 students had been accepted to the scholarship program, 120 had graduated and many thousands had completed courses through Help to Help Academy. 

"KTH Innovation supported us exactly when we needed it. A great balance between a pat on the back when things felt rough and difficult, and a kick up the back side when we hesitated but really needed to excellerate. This approach gave us the self confidence we needed to reach our goals. The honest and constructive feedback we got, and knowing that the coaches really cared about our project, was invaluable. We wouldn't be where we are today without KTH Innovation."

- Malin Cronqvist, KTH alumni and founder of Help to Help

The support from KTH Innovation

Besides coaching Help to Help was supported in building a team and finding their first customers. Help to Help also took part of the predecessor to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program  with office space on campus. The team travelled to Silicon Valley as part of the KTH Innovation internationalisation program Brighter.

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Last changed: Sep 24, 2020