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All alumni of the pre-incubator program

Hundreds of KTH startup projects have gone through the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. On this page, you can find them all, as they described themselves when they just started out.

When the twelve months in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program come to an end, the teams should be ready to take their next step. Some are ready to stand on their own legs, and some go inte an incubator. For some teams, their journey ends in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program, and that's also fine. They won't have risked anything and they will have learned a lot on the way. We know that their next endeavour is more likely to succeed.

Batch 0 2011-2015

Before we started grouping the teams in Batches, you could apply at any time. Back then, the program was called Student Inc. 

Startups in Batch 0

Batch 1 2016-2017

Startups in Batch 1

Batch 2 2016-2017

Startups i Batch 2

Batch 3 2016-2017

Startups in Batch 3

Batch 4 2017-2018

Startups in Batch 4

Batch 5 2017-2018

Startups in Batch 5

Batch 6 2018-2019

Startups in Batch 6

Batch 7 2018-2019

Startups in Batch 7

Batch 8 2018-2019

Startups in Batch 8

Batch 9, 2019-2020

Startups in Batch 9

Batch 10, 2019-2020

Startups in Batch 10

Batch 11, 2020-2021

Startups in Batch 11

Batch 12, 2020-2021

Startups in Batch 12

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Last changed: Dec 02, 2021